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If you are interested in painting your house, handling the job yourself must have crossed your mind. But before you pick up the brush, know that it’s not as simple as it sounds. From choosing the right colors to mixing paint with thinner, it can leave you feeling exhausted and overwhelmed.
So why not let a residential painting company in Tennessee take care of everything? That’s who we are at All Square Home Improvement. We offer house painting services, making your home worth looking at.

Residential Painting Services Tennessee

At All Square Home Improvements, we thoroughly understand that adding a fresh coat of paint is more than just transforming your space. It’s about creating a beautiful and welcoming environment where you can unwind after a tiring day. With that in mind, our experienced painters work to bring your vision to life in the best possible way.
So, whether a couple of rooms in your house need a fresh coat of paint or the entire property, we promise to complete the job on time using high-quality materials.

Painting Company Tennessee

Whether you’re looking for residential painting services in Tennessee for your home’s interior or exterior paint job, hiring a qualified team has its merit. For example, when you approach our Tennessee painting professionals, we guarantee:

  • Attention to Detail

If it’s one thing that makes our house painting services stand out, it’s the perfection we work with. As a fast-growing residential painting company in Tennessee, we work with our client’s best interests in mind. We pay attention to seemingly minute details that others might not even think of.

  • Quality & Efficiency

When it’s about equating DIY with professional painting job, there’s no comparison. Our experts take less time to prep walls and finish the work in time. As a result, you can save significant time while getting the quality of work you initially desired.

  • Appropriate Painting Products & Tools

As a homeowner, you’re less likely to have painting tools lying around in the garage, let alone have cans of paint in the house. The opposite is true for painting experts. Besides hands-on experience, we have the right tools, including brushes, caulking materials, and drop cloths, to make it a hassle-free experience. Since we already have the tools, we won’t ask you to buy off your money.

  • Enhanced Safety & Protection

We’re all about protecting your home and our workers. That’s why our team arrives in full safety gear to avoid injuries. At the same time, we work efficiently to prevent any structural damage to the surrounding areas.

  • After-Work Cleanup 

Imagine the time you have to spend cleaning up after your DIY project. You won’t have to go through that pain when you hire our painting services in Tennessee. Instead, we’ll take care of everything, from prepping to cleanup and everything that comes in between.


How We Work?

We understand that residential painting work is about precision and professionalism. We follow a standard set of protocols to finish the job within the designated time, where we:

  • Prep the wall by scraping the old paint using sandpaper
  • Fill cracks, pores, and other damages with putty if required
  • Apply primer to smoothen the surface
  • Apply two coats of paint (second coat after the first one dries) 

We ensure the applied paint has dried completely before moving on with the cleanup.

Ready to Get Your House Painted?

Your home deserves a great finishing touch, and we’re just one call away from making it happen. So, call us today to find out how our painting company in Tennessee can help you.

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    I hadn’t painted my house in a long time. Around 13 years, I think. So, I wanted someone to do a perfect job. Fortunately, that’s precisely what I received when I hired All Square Home Improvement. Their staff was very professional and accommodating.

    John Ashley

    John Ashley

    It wouldn’t be wrong to say that my kitchen, especially the tiles, was in shambles before I approached All Square Home Improvement. However, once they renovated it, I couldn’t believe it was the same space. It was like they used a magic wand to entirely transform it.

    Robert Downey

    Robert Downey

    My son was about to get married, but our house was in a pretty rough condition. So, we talked to All Square Home Improvement, and they performed minor home repairs. Thanks to their team, I was able to throw a fabulous wedding reception for my Paul.”

    Jessica Ontorio

    Jessica Ontorio

    Our bathroom was old fashioned, dark and without any operable windows. After the renovation it is a showplace! They worked closely with us to give us exactly what we dreamed of! I was able to throw a fabulous wedding reception for my Paul.

    Thomas Williams

    Thomas Williams